Achieve smooth and efficient upgrades with Navitas Life Sciences Safety Database Rapid Assessment

The data from our industry leading pharmacovigilance networks tells us that the pharmaceutical companies will need to upgrade their safety databases (SDBs) in 2017 /18 to meet the challenges of E2b(R3).

A SDB upgrade is a significant undertaking. You need a clear, focused upgrade strategy to achieve compliance, manage your resources and ensure you maximise the potential benefits an upgrade can offer.

Navitas Life Sciences has developed Safety Database Rapid Assessment to achieve these objectives and guarantee success. Our approach quickly assesses your upgrade requirements and provides a holistic overview of the significant risks across your technology, process and organisational landscapes.

We have the skills and experience to apply our approach to any SDB platform, whether is Oracle Argus, ARISg or an in-house system.

The output is a risk based, focused upgrade roadmap and plan with a clear business case for action.

The Navitas Life Sciences Safety Database Rapid Assessment will achieve:

  • Cost reductions for the implementation phase, through streamlining of activities
  • Increased efficiency and delivery of implementation to project timelines; risks are understood through proactive analysis of complexities
  • Technical best practices are built into implementations from the outset; driven by our insights and SDB experience
  • Allows for alignment between operational excellence initiatives and the upgrade project, to ensure best practice, integrated processes
  • You get the most from your upgrade, by the mapping of latest SDB improvements against organisational needs

The Navitas Life Sciences Safety Database Rapid Assessment is conducted in four defined steps and can be achieved in 4-8 weeks depending on the company

The scope of each assessment is tailored to your needs and designed to fit your requirements.

Factors impacting SDEAs

For more information on Navitas Life Sciences Safety Database Rapid Assessment or to speak to one of our experts email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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