Emerging agenda for our next meeting: Spring, 2017

  • PV context and compliance drivers
  • Complexity: Drivers and management
  • Agility, shifting the strategic dial

The network for Heads of Pharmacovigilance/Safety for Top 100 life science companies

Established in 2006, pvconnect provides a neutral platform for PV leaders facing similar challenges to network, debate, compare performance and share ideas on how to tackle the latest hot issues – balancing rising workload with resource constraints, managing divergent global regulatory requirements, implementing continuous benefit risk management, leveraging big data and modernising PV in the context of the seismic technology and industry shifts.

Members include PV senior leadership teams responsible for deploying the PV strategy and system within their organisation, this forum and community is the place to discuss trends, insights and future solutions, the philosophy behind the forum is to:

  • Provide a platform for industry peers to learn and share from one another in an open environment
  • Deliver benchmark information to compare and measure operational and organizational performance
  • Discuss key issues facing Drug safety organisations with “hot topics” addressed by action teams
  • Create a forum to derive best practices to develop the future of PV
  • Provide access to the latest PV insights through webcasts, think tanks, community exchange

Latest insights and innovations in the PV space

The PV Context and Driver

  • Relentless regulatory changes, with more on the horizon, e.g. ICH E2B R(3), IDMP, EU Clinical Trial Regulation, Eudravigilance, Medical Device Regulation
  • New R&D models and the need to prove the value of products, Benefit-Risk and safety related outcomes
  • Shifting global boundaries, stagnating established markets, new models for emergent markets
  • Growth of technology impacts all aspects of the industry, including PV systems
  • Dramatic changes in the Pharma landscape will shape future PV models and processes

The PV Challenges faced by member companies

  • Responding to the bombardment of recent regulatory changes and increased scrutiny
  • Engaging PV partner functions – as the PV remit and boundaries expand
  • How to remain compliant, drive efficiency and value – with less resources
  • Integrating distant PV vendors into the team
  • Getting future ready

Recent PV Solutions debated by members

  • Latest regulatory insights: social media, increasing enforcement, the rise of quality
  • Working across boundaries - setting structured responsibilities and governance across the PV system
  • PSP management – key challenges and smart solutions
  • Smart strategies for outsourcing: governance, processes, understanding the true cost
  • Bringing strategic PV value: Regulators, Patients, Providers and PV working together
  • Comparative data analysis for driving lean operations, KPIs for now and the future

PV Opportunities for further debate and predictions

  • Positioning safety and PV on the critical path – educating the wider organisation
  • Striking the balance of seamless integration: global consistency and local difference
  • Managing the data explosion from digital media: new, public and unstructured sources
  • Leveraging technology to enable predictive analysis and safety…real-time Benefit-Risk?
  • Driving innovation with new capabilities to explore new PV systems and models for the future

Member Benefits

pvnet member Raise the profile of your company and your team The facilitation of strategic thinking A quantitative and qualitative performance benchmark The bringing to life of best practice

For further information, or to register your interest, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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