On-Demand Webinar: Content Management in Minutes: Human Resource Management - Navitas and Generis

Looking to solve complex business problems with simple yet powerful solutions? Anxious to learn about the next generation user interface for content management but can only afford to spare 30 minutes? Then please join us for this exciting series with up-to-the-minute details on business solutions that cover critical areas in Life Sciences, Finance and other industries. Each session will be a brief 30-minute session with a context-setting overview followed by hands-on live demo of the solution. Topics include:

Human Resource Management – integrate the management of offer letters, personnel files and other critical HR documents in the same platform you use for the rest of your business. Provide:

  • Automated review and approval processes both in the office and through mobile devices and avoid manual paper processing
  • Employee access to their personnel records
  • Ability to hide/manage PPI such as Social Security Numbers securely separate from other metadata
  • Print off an entire employee file in a single action
  • Use the CARA Forms capability to provide for things like Vacation Requests

Held on Nov 2015


David Gwyn
Head - Content Management & Collaboration

James Kelleher
Chief Executive Officer

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