Navitas and Generis - Next Generation Content Management Webinar Series

Navitas and Generis are pleased to announce a joint webinar on CARA for Regulatory Information Management

Register to view how we can provide a rapid implementation of the fastest, most configurable and feature-rich user interface to meet the needs of Documentum users who are currently using legacy interfaces or applications, and are looking to reduce costs and speed up use case implementation. This is the fifth in a six-part series showcasing CARA as the next generation user interface.

The session will focus on "Moving to the next generation User Interface and Business Rules Configuration tool and integrating your regulatory information"

  • Industry insights into RIM approaches
  • Definition of RIM
  • RIM Challenges and Benefits
  • Technology Ecosystem

Generis will demo key features of CARA for Regulatory Information Management including:

  • Leveraging the CARA Hub to integrate to other internal and external systems – avoiding having to migrate / replace all parts of your RIM environment, thus allowing ROI on existing systems that are still providing value
  • Integration with Master Data to identify and access content and data
  • Widgets and My WidgetSpace allowing user-level customization of data displayed from the integrated solutions
  • Integration of Liquent InSIght and similar registration tracking solutions
  • Direct integration with publishing tools, including relating source document to published output
  • Building User Experiences to fit user roles, from a read-only Portal, through mobile and management oversight views through to the full contributor functionality

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