Navitas and Generis - Next Generation Content Management Webinar Series

Navitas and Generis are pleased to announce a joint webinar on CARA for Documentum & Alfresco in the Cloud

Register to view how we can provide a rapid implementation of the fastest, most configurable and feature-rich user interface to meet the needs of Documentum & Alfresco users who are currently using legacy interfaces or applications, and are looking to reduce costs and speed up use case implementation. This is the final chapter in a six-part series showcasing CARA as the next generation user interface, and now in the cloud!

The session will focus on "Moving to the next generation User Interface and Business Rules Configuration tool in the Cloud"

  • Solutions for upgrading and migration
  • Compliant Deployment Services for CARA in the Cloud
  • Performance, security and related Cloud concerns
  • Cloud validation

Generis will demo key features of CARA for Documentum & Alfresco including:

  • Quick and intuitive browser-based interface that delivers desktop capabilities
  • Dimensions and Snaplists the enable users to build their own trees and execute predefined queries
  • Widgets and My WidgetSpace allowing user-level customization of data displayed
  • Dashboards to dynamically assemble and display query results in tables, charts or graphs
  • Full cycle of workflow-driven processes for creation, authoring, review and approval including eSignature
  • Extensive capabilities for both configuration and customization
  • Building User Experiences to fit user roles, from a read-only Portal, through mobile and management oversight views through to the full contributor functionality
  • How the product manages forwards and backwards compatibility, thus ensuring ongoing compliance and reduced validation costs

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