Business Need

The need to bring new drugs to market is the driving force of the Life Sciences Industry. Companies have recognized that content management is the key to reaching their goals. Enterprise content management can reduce the time to market for new product launches by weeks, months or more and can answer questions that have not been previously asked. Large life science companies have invested in database infrastructures in the past and now are addressing their unstructured content in order to maximize productivity and streamline operations. The value in achieving these goals resides in simplifying and navigating through their tremendous volume of information faster with a greater return on investment.

Life Science organizations typically suffer from silos of information across different functional areas. Cross functional information flow is either lacking or non-existent. Additionally, there is no single data point for products and related information due to a variety of sources, and collaboration is lacking across the organization and with external partners (CRO’s, Suppliers etc.) This results in disparate, redundant and inaccurate product information. Since data/information resides in various systems, users are required to log onto multiple platforms and copy content into various reports, which takes additional time and increases the chance of error.

Enterprise Content Management Systems enable companies to establish uniform document formats and standards by providing a controlled repository for templates and version management features while file permissions can tightly control access to critical content.

How Can Navitas Life Sciences Help?

Navitas Life Sciences has experienced consultants that cover strategy, people, process and technology. Both large and small life science companies rely on Navitas Life Sciences to enable world class content management performance. Technology is only part of the solution, and Navitas Life Sciences can simplify the process roadmap, enabling true collaboration throughout the organization by turning data into actionable information.

Navitas Life Sciences has also created AVIATOR, a complete content management platform that leverages world class technology platforms and provides the building blocks for a world class content management program, both in the cloud or on premise.

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