Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical studies

Clinical Services

Conducting successful clinical trials requires an understanding of how to identify and mitigate risk from start to finish; how to identify the right parameters to drive trial progress and stay patient-centric; and how to set up trial endpoints to ensure a meaningful study. The operational success of a clinical trial depends on the ability to deliver high-quality data, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Navitas Life Sciences Is Here to Help

As a proven clinical services provider, we have partnered with more than 100 life sciences companies and delivered more than 1,300 studies, including BA/BE, NIS, and Phases 2 – 4. For every project we engage in, we provide end-to-end support through our rich clinical experience, industry-leading technology, and a willingness to understand our client’s unique needs and challenges.

Our Clinical Services include:

  • Strategic consulting services
  • Clinical operations services
    • BA/BE and Biosimilars
    • Phase 2 – 3
    • Post-marketing
  • OneClinical technology platform

Clinical Data Management

Clinical data has become increasingly complex to manage due to clinical trials requiring deep domain expertise for accurate analysis and employment of multiple CROs, leading to data sets spread across disparate stakeholders, systems, and vendors. Large, globally dispersed data sets require specialized handling and tailored technology solutions with 24x7 tech support. On-shore SAS programmers with advanced degrees are in scarce supply, leading to high recruitment and retention costs. And a flux in workloads leads to <90% resource utilization in lean periods. Because real-time processing is required for data-driven decisions, sponsors face the challenge of ensuring high-quality support from offshore resources when using a global business model. To overcome these challenges, life sciences companies need efficient, cost-effective clinical data management solutions.

Navitas Life Sciences Is Here to Help

Navitas Life Sciences Life Sciences’ clinical data expertise is backed by state-of-the-art technology, industry affiliations, and more than 5 years of experience. We have completed SAS programming for more than 300 studies in 5 years covering 10-15 types of deliverables, 20,000+ tables, 10,000+ listings and 1000+ figures. Our team of subject matter experts have an average of 7 years of experience in SAS programming for oncology studies. Our proprietary, one-of-its-kind technology, OneClinical, enables faster, accurate data aggregation.

Our Clinical Data Management offerings include:

  • Clinical Data Management
  • Data Integration
  • Data Analytics
  • Clinical Data Services
  • Statistical Programming
  • Clinical Data Standardization

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