Navitas Life Sciences has deep rooted capability with the right capacity in managing diverse application environments as part of its AMS Services Portfolio. With the increased challenges of talent retention at a controlled cost for legacy and on-going application maintenance for Business Organizations, Navitas Life Sciences AMS offers a proven and cost-effective methodology of application support & maintenance. Many clients have felt & shared that Navitas Life Sciences is the right sized partner in optimal management of their existing systems.

Competency driven Skilled Team

Navitas Life Sciences is taking its utmost care in building and maintaining a time-tested competency framework. The competency framework is logically grouped as Core Competency, Functional Competency and Technical Competency areas in order maintain the equilibrium of well-balanced growth in the Life Sciences domain. The Navitas Life Sciences employees ensure that their competencies are upgraded time-to-time as per the competency framework and career progression. This model automatically takes care of continued education across all levels and in turn results in their deliverables by gaining more customer confidence. Navitas Life Sciences has seen projects getting renewed on continual basis because of robust competency process in place.

Centers of Excellence (COE)

Navitas Life Sciences has individual practice-based COE to nurture the practice growth in a planned and steady manner. The COE model framework developed at Navitas Life Sciences takes care of building a new practice from the scratch over a period of time with minimal challenges. The COE framework has been spawning new practice initiatives across technology streams either directly or with partner driven practice programs.

Well-established Processes

Navitas Life Sciences has developed a well-thought out & repeatable Application Management Business Model with a specific focus on regulated and validated systems over a decade. This AM Business Model ensures that the application transition from a Business Organization and/or its existing Vendor(s) to Navitas Life Sciences is quite transparent and smooth without jeopardising the operations which is one of the standard risks from business users in shifting the system maintenance ownership.

Proven Delivery Model

Having its presence across the globe with an established track record on global delivery management, Navitas Life Sciences is quite strong and experienced in managing projects through a time-tested global delivery methodology in a scalable and cost-effective manner. The infrastructure setup at Navitas Life Sciences enables & empowers the global team to work closely and effectively with their customer priorities operating from different locations.

Excellent Infrastructure

Navitas Life Sciences has a well set infrastructure for providing global support with multiple cost-effective options available for customers to choose from. The Global Delivery Center infrastructure at Chennai is world class with strong disaster recovery & business continuity facilities in ensuring that the connectivity & communication systems are intact at all times for the global support.

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